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Live Review - Inglorious Showcase @ The Gibson Showroom

Photo Credit: Nedim Nazerali

Well suited security agents (earpieces and all..) guided us to the lower ground floor of the Gibson Showroom, where the show was about to take place.

This loft-like space seemed to be just the right venue for hosting this kind of performance, bursting with raw, urban-industrial vibe.

Its rugged, unassuming atmosphere complemented beautifully with “the scene” - glorified guests and who’s & who’s who showed up with the just right looks - all dressed up and fancy, but making sure their metal T-shirt stands out, as if stating “I belong!”.

As the last notes of Aerosmith’s “Pink” faded into the background, Planet Rock’s breakfast show presenter Paul Anthony introduced the band, stating that they are the next big thing in Rock n’ Roll, and that the feedback their new single got on social media after it was aired on Planet Rock was only matched by Iron Maiden’s release of their latest album Book of Souls.

Background music got heavier, lights went darker - and we were already worked up as Inglorious’ band members took their place on stage, kickstarting the show with a hot, big guitar riff so right and traditional-rock sounding, it made me want to say it was “by the (unwritten) book (of rock)”.

Inglorious’ frontman - Nathan James, quickly joined in, wearing a massive “Thor” like looks. Properly covered in black leather - head to boot, with sprinkles of metal touch he gracefully teased the battery of eager cameramen and women.

Firing up his vocal chords - razor sharp accurate, powerful, high pitched singing burst into his microphone with warm and rugged timber.

Think Coverdale meets Ronnie James DIO meets Bruce Dickinson, add some unique spices, stir well and bring it on to 2015.

Nathan’s accomplices on stage were just as impressive, from Phil Beaver - the big-haired, big-bearded, tough-yet-cheerful kickass drummer, through Liam Holmes - the “eccentric genius” keyboardist with his mad professor blazer and hat, to the all-Gibson string trio: massively armed Bassist Collin Parkinson, Guitarist Will Taylor the missing character from Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, and Guitarist Andreas Zäta Eriksson, who delivered hot, juicy lead parts - highly influenced by Mötley Crüe- both visually and sonically.

This elite group managed to fuse together a hot, professional performance of everything that’s “right” in Rock. They are true. They have fun on stage - and it shows, and yet everything felt under total control and extremely professional.

Nathan’s gestures for every musical nuance, Andreas and Will’s dominance of the front-of-stage with the all classic “foot on monitor” position, and heroic sky-high guitar-neck lifts, And Collin’s enthusiasm and drive have all compiled into brilliantly executed stage work, of a well-crafted music production.

Photo by: Gili Dailes

To sum it up, I left this evening with a very distinct conclusion:

It felt like home. As if going to my favourite Rock-bar for a pint, and not hearing these bad-boys in the playlist would be just wrong.

Inglorious’ first album will be released on February 19th 2016, and you can catch them live at the official Launch show @ Islington Assembly Hall on the 21st.

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