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Skunk Anansie @ O2 Forum

My affair with Skunk Anansie started in August ’04, when my boyfriend chose their fantastic album ‘Post Orgasmic Chill’ to be the soundtrack of our first making out session.

Still in my Mini-Disc era, I then listened to this album on repeat (needless to say, it brought up happy memories wink wink).

After first seeing a Skunk Anansie show 3 years ago in Israel as part of their Black Traffic tour, I was amazed by the fantastic performance they gave and it was then when I started listening to the rest of their albums. I could not wait to catch them live again, hoping the next concert I’ll see will be just as good as the first one.

Finally, that day has come, and on Friday we (me and still the same boyfriend!) made our way to the O2 Forum in Kentish Town to see Skunk Anansie (hopefully) kick ass again, promoting the launch of their latest album Anarchytecture.

After being brutally ignored by Skunk’s management, PR or anyone else that I tried contacting in order to arrange a photo pass to cover this gig, I decided to let go and enjoy this show as the fan that I am- from the audience.

Having a photographer’s blood running through my veins, I couldn’t not take photos… With my phone’s camera that is, but still. Couldn’t help it.

Remembering lead singer Skin’s last performance in Israel, I knew exactly where to stand and what to expect when certain songs came up. Crowd surfing, walking and mingling were all part of the plan.

With endless charisma and unbelievable stage skills, Skin got us hooked all over again.

The rest of the band members' (Ace, Mark and Cass) performance didn't feel as tight as it normally is. Knowing their songs so well, I recognized every glitch- and there were a few of them during the 2 hours set. However, that didn’t stop me or anyone else in the audience from jumping, head-banging and moshing to the sounds of the fantastic line-up that included classics like ‘Twisted’ and ‘Charlie Big Potato’ as well as newer songs from the band's last 2 albums.

Once again, I was not disappointed and cannot wait for the next opportunity I’ll get to see them live.

Next time, though- I’m expecting to be in the photo pit taking photos with my proper camera :)

All photos were taken with my LG G4 phone camera. It has amazing manual settings (which is the main reason I got it!), so I managed to get a few decent photos. I can highly recommend it if a camera is one of your main factors when choosing your next mobile.

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